The Hummingbird Conservatory 

Tara McGrath of The Hummingbird Conservatory was voted 2017's Finest Music Teacher by Crescenta Valley Weekly Readers for the second year in a row!  Thank you one and all!!!! 

The Hummingbirds kick-off their busy season performing this Sunday, September 10th at 4pm at the Sparr Heights Community Center in their Fall Cabaret!  Tickets are $10 per person and available at the door! 

We will be seen again at the 2017 Montrose Oktoberfest on the mainstage!!! We are so excited to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this FANTASTIC EVENT!!!

Sing Your Heart Out!

What's Happening at the Hummingbird

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NOW ACCEPTING IDEAS FOR ART CLASSES AT HUMMINGBIRD! If you are an Art Teacher, send us an idea for your class - include rates, material needs and ideal scheduling! 

Age is only a number.  We teach from the guiding principle that anyone with the willingness and discipline to be a musician can be. Different ages and abilities DO have different emphasis, but any singer from age 7 and up is welcome to The Hummingbird!

At The Hummingbird Conservatory for the Arts we believe Music and Art are for everyone. ‚Äč

We wish to CREATE an environment where students can thrive.  

We want to ENRICH their musical and artistic journeys through access to highly-trained faculty. We believe in PROVIDING performance and exhibition opportunities as well as resources to hire MASTER musicians and artists.

We foster love, respect and awareness of the arts so that they may continue....