The Hummingbird Conservatory - Singing Lessons

Hey Hummingbirds!  

This was the first week of broadcasting beginner voice lessons on our channel singwithme2020 and I think it was a great success!!  For anyone who is looking to begin voice lessons, enhance what they already know how to do or even just get better at singing in the shower, this tool is perfect!  

A big emphasis of both broadcasts this week was BREATH SUPPORT.  Honestly, that is going to be a huge part of any lesson you ever take with me. Breath support is the number one most important thing for singers - ever.  

One of the things I did mention however, was the importance of understanding how YOUR body supports your breath.  Your entire body IS your instrument.  All we try to do as singers is harness what it does naturally.  

A great way to understand this is lay down for 30 seconds or so, close your eyes, place your hands on your stomach and just FEEL what your body does.  When you inhale, the stomach muscles will move outward. When you exhale, the stomach muscles move back in towards the spine.  

These 30 seconds of mindful breathing lie at the very heart of what we as singers are always trying to do. As you journey into your singing voice, always remember that we want the body to remain natural and relaxed!  

So your singwithme2020 challenge this week is to give the 30 seconds of mindful breathing a try, and I will see all you singers back on next week for some more awesome lessons!  

Love and high notes,

Miss T