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Maestro Leo Roarington singing an excerpt of Italian Art Song, "O sole mio":

Miss Penny Piglette singing an excerpt from "Black Swan" from the opera The Medium:

Performing at the Montrose Farmer's Market this Spring!

Dramatic soprano, Grand Dame Diva, Kitty von Hollerin

The Hummingbird Conservatory 

Maestro Leo Roarington, Tenor

Soubrette soprano, Miss Penny Piglette


Stemming from a need and desire to see children of all ages be exposed to more classical vocal literature, Miss Tara has begun a new theatrical initiative engaging aspiring classical singers (private vocal students of the Hummingbird Conservatory) and professional classical singers to create The Hummingbird Puppet Opera Theatre.  The shows are generally 20-25 minutes in length and are comprised chiefly of vocal art songs from classical literature as well as some arias.  The Puppets help educate audiences young and old about the wonderful world of classical music! For more information, contact Miss Tara on our contact page!