The Hummingbird Conservatory 

Meet our January 2019 Featured Hummingbird, Ms. Georgan George! 

Your Full Name: 

Georgan George Yantz, but I only use the Yantz part at work.

What do you do for a living?  

Fourth grade teacher, actress, and I sometimes teach theatre workshops for elementary kids and teachers.

Other interests/instruments/Performing/Sports (besides Singing): 

‚ÄčI have been acting on stage since I was seven years old and I have Bachelor of Theatre degree with an Acting emphasis.  I gave up on piano when I was a kid, but I do conduct the fourth grade chorus.

When and why did you start taking singing lessons? 

I took singing lessons when I was in high school and after college, but I was sickly and then, my teacher passed away so I kind of gave up.  About two years ago, I was asked to replace another actress in The Pirates of Penzance and I knew I would need help.  I had met Tara previously and so I contacted her.  

How do you think singing lessons at the Hummingbird Conservatory have helped you to grow musically or in your performing? 

My biggest issues are confidence, placement and breathing.  Tara has helped me with all of those things.  

Have singing lessons helped you to grow in other ways? (Personally, Socially or Academically?) 

I like to call our lessons, "therapy" .  It really helps work through things while singing.  I have also built stamina and worked on my vocal health.  

What do you love the most about singing and/or lessons? 

Miss Tara, of course.  I also really love that it is a challenge.  I often surprise myself.  

What are your future plans? Musical or otherwise? (IE College? Career interests?) 

I hope to retire and become a full-time actress and performer.  

Anything else fun, special or awesome you would like to share? 

I have two really spoiled cats, named Riley and Evil Sera Kitty, a wonderful boyfriend who is a mime (yes, really), and most people probably think I am a bit eccentric, but that's awesome.  I know a lot of "Hummingbirds" are a lot younger than I am and I hope they learn earlier than I did that being different is a good thing.  

Check out Georgan and the rest of our Hummingbirds NEXT MONTH - in our "Shades of Love" Concert - Sunday, February 10th at 5pm at the Sparr Heights Community Center!