The Hummingbird Conservatory 

Meet our Featured Hummingbird for July 2019 - Harper Ammann! 

Harper and friends prepping for the Fall Cabaret last September!

Your Full Name: Harper Ammann
Age: 12
What year are you in school? Going into 7th Grade 

Other interests/instruments/Performing/Sports (besides Singing):

Draw Anime, I love SciFi, I take Irish dance lessons, I love Horror movies and all things Japanese.

When and why did you start taking singing lessons?  

I started taking singing lessons with Miss Tara when I was in the 3rd grade.  My mom noticed that I’d sing around the house a lot and decided to try lessons.

How do you think singing lessons at the Hummingbird Conservatory have helped you to grow musically or in your performing?  

My voice has changed and developed in a good way in the past 3 years.  I’ve grown more confident with every performance.

Have singing lessons helped you to grow in other ways? (Personally, Socially or Academically?).  

It’s helped me with oral presentations at school, it’s helped me with memorization skills, it’s helped me be brave under pressure and it helped me get into Advanced Choir at Rosemont!

What do you love the most about singing and/or lessons?

I love doing the recitals, dressing up and coming up with character behind the song.

What are your future plans? Musical or otherwise? (IE College? Career interests?)

I’m not sure yet, definitely college, but my mom would love for me to continuing singing as a hobby:)

Anything else fun, special or awesome you would like to share?

I have an amazing dog named, Ruby, a purebred Siberian cat, named Bear, and I’m an awesome crafter, I LOVE to make stuff.