Julia (right) performing the National Anthem at the 9/11 Memorial last year with fellow Junior Diva, Ione! 

Your Full Name: Julia Martinez 
Age: 9
What year are you in school? 3rd grade

Other interests/instruments/Performing/Sports (besides Singing):

Track, Julia is amazing at the long jump (she won 1st place, jumping 10.1 feet) and the 4x1 relay (her group won 2nd place).

When and why did you start taking singing lessons? 

Julia started singing lessons in first grade. Julia has always loved singing. We have videos of her at age 2 singing her lungs out to princess songs.

How do you think singing lessons at the Hummingbird Conservatory have helped you to grow musically or in your performing?

Julia's confidence has grown significantly since joining Hummingbird Conservatory, both on stage and as a young girl. She is now not afraid to perform in front of others. 

Have singing lessons helped you to grow in other ways? (Personally, Socially or Academically?)

Julia is now not afraid to be her silly self in front of others. Also, singing lessons has helped her better understand the concept of practice makes better, not perfect, she understands that mistakes will happen and that’s ok too. 

What do you love the most about singing and/or lessons?

Ms. Tara!!

What are your future plans? Musical or otherwise? (IE College? Career interests?)

Julia wants to be a singing teacher. 

Anything else fun, special or awesome you would like to share?

Julia is a wonderful big sister to Maya and Adrian. 

Our Featured Hummingbird for June 2019 is a Junior Diva, Julia Martinez!  Julia has received Bronze, Silver, Gold and trophy awards for her four terms in the Junior Divas class! In addition, she has performed in numerous recitals AND has sung with the Hummingbird Carolers! 

The Hummingbird Conservatory