The Hummingbird Conservatory 

Junior Divas Vocal Arts Class

2019  Summer-Fall Session Begins Tuesday, July 16th through November 19th, 2019!

$270.00 for 18-week term includes all materials and one 30-minute voice lesson a month!

Do you LOVE to perform and want to learn more solo music and group numbers from the American Musical Theatre Song Book? 

Junior Divas might be for you! 

Our Divas get exposure to a broad range of repertoire through weekly classes, monthly lessons, performances, rehearsals and more!  Students come once a week to learn the music together, then sing in solo, duet or trio for each other while their peers watch.  They work from sheet music and work with canned accompaniment for optimal practice abilities.  The Junior Divas have also composed monologues, prepared scenes, set moves and choreography and performed one song in a group, duet or trio with solo work in the piece. This reinforces listening to other musicians as well as the accompaniment.  In the private lesson, Miss Tara focuses on breath support, singling out different vocal issues in the singer to develop, vowel formation, pronunciation, accuracy of notes and rhythms.  Some class discussions regarding tempo, vocal line, meaning of the piece, musical terms and notation is also done. 

Juries:  The Divas usually have to complete at least one adjudicated jury process a term. The assignments for the juries can range based on development but can be as simple as having one piece memorized that the student chooses to sing or ALL repertoire memorized, opening with a song of their choice then the teacher chooses additional singing. 

In addition to this, students receive stage deportment lessons – how to stand, introduce yourself, prepare your music for accompanist, etc. 

If you are interested, head over to our contact page to inquire about more details!