Meet our Featured Hummingbird of the Month for May 2019 - 
Sarah Martellino

Full Name:

Sarah Juliana Martellino



What year are you in school? 


Other interests/instruments/performing/sports (besides singing):

Musical theater and piano.

How do you think singing lessons at the Hummingbird Conservatory have helped you to grow musically or in you performing?                                                                                                                           

For starters, I am better singer. It has helped me be cast as the lead role in productions, since they needed me to sing a harder solo.

Have singing lessons helped you to grow in other ways? (Personally, Socially or Academically?)
Personally: When friends describe me they would say that I’m a good singer.
Socially: I made a lot of friends from taking singing lessons.
Academically: Singing lessons have helped me with school too.

What do you love the most about singing and/or lessons?
Ms. Tara and the singing.

What are your future plans? Musically or otherwise? 
I want to continue singing and musical theater. I want to move to New York City and be an actor or go into the medical field. I want to go to college in New York as well.

Anything else fun, special or awesome you would like to share?
I am starting at Rosemont Middle School in the fall. I am super excited!                                                                       

Sarah has the unique distinction of being one of the Hummingbird Conservatory's original Junior Divas as she was in the first class ever offered here! In addition, Sarah has just been accepted into the Advanced Choir at Rosemont Middle School for her seventh grade year! See what else she has to say about singing at The Hummingbird Conservatory! 

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