The Hummingbird Conservatory 

NOVEMBER 2018:  Meet our featured Hummingbird of the Month: SARAH BATTYE! 

We got to talking to Ms. Battye about her musical and vocal journey here at the Hummingbird Conservatory and this is what she had to say! 

What's your name:  

Sarah Marie Battye

How old are you?

What year are you in school?  

9th Grade

What do you like to do? (BESIDES SING!)
Ukuele, Guitar, Drama, and Theatre Arts.  I also love going to the beach and being around close friends.  

When and why did you start taking singing lessons?  
I started voice lessons the summer of 7th grade. I have always loved singing but I strived to become better and grow as a singer and as a performer.

How do you think singing lessons at the Hummingbird Conservatory have helped you to grow musically or in your performing?
 Singing lessons has helped me understand and respect all aspects of music.  They have also helped me become more comfortable with performing in different areas like acting or even videos on social media.

Have singing lessons helped you to grow in other ways? (Personally, Socially or Academically?)  
Singing lessons have helped me in all aspects socially and personally. I have gained confidence in myself and love to put myself out there to others. I have found a deep passion for writing music and I express alot of who I am through my singing and my love for it. 

What do you love the most about singing and/or lessons?
 I love singing because it is the one way I can truly express how I am feeling. Lessons with Tara can be an escape from all the mess going on in my life at times. Coming to Tara has not only hepled me with singing but she has also helped me with things I deal with outside of music. I cannot express in words how much I have enjoyed going to Tara and I feel like she is a big reason I am the person and singer I am today.

What are your future plans? Musical or otherwise? (IE College? Career interests?) 
I plan on pursuing a career in music, hopefully preforming. I would love to get my Psychology degree and become a therapist for students my age. Wherever life will lead me, I plan to never stop preforming or singing.

Anything else fun, special or awesome you would like to share? 
Coming to Tara, I’m not  just going to see my voice teacher, I am going to see a caring, loving friend. Driving up from the South Bay, I always am excited to see her and her fun colorful studio on a Saturday morning. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to be a student at The Hummingbird Conservatory and wish everyone could be.