The Hummingbird Conservatory - Singing Lessons

The Hummingbird Conservatory bills on an annual tuition term payable in a flat monthly rate for private vocal instruction effective September 1, 2018.   The payment due date is the final lesson of the month for the next month. Billing will be on or about the 20th of the month. 

This means some months a student will have 3, 4 or 5 lessons for a total of up to 45 lessons per calendar year but will pay the same fixed rate per their scheduled time. In addition, this new policy takes into account time off in line with the Glendale School District and vacation or sick time for teachers. 

Rates are as follows: 

30 minutes weekly: $130 per month
30 minutes every other week: $70 per month 
45 minutes weekly: $200 per month
60 minutes weekly (including 2 students at 30 mins each): $240 per month 
60 minutes every other week: $140 per month   
90 minute lessons (3 times per month): $270

Advanced notice is required if you are going to miss a scheduled lesson. Three missed lessons without prior notice will result in being released from the roster of students.   

You may cancel at any time but I will require notice in writing 30 days prior. (Example: if you wish to cancel for the month of July, you need to tell me June 1st.) 

Cancellation of lessons opens that lesson time up for other students to be brought on.

All materials, performance opportunities, accompanist costs and other miscellaneous costs will be covered in the construct of tuition.   

Make-up lessons, credits or pro-rated lesson tuition is not offered.